Roulette Systems – Dozens & Columns – 2 Columns Grind System

We’Re going to talk about a system called the two column system, as you can probably realize from the name. It’S regarding two column beds, so usually when you’re betting, either the dozens or columns you put one unit on to get to back now, one of the time a lot of systems developed around the dozens, but not necessarily sometimes the columns are forgotten. Now I would prefer to actually bet on the columns and the Dozen sometimes because, if you’re betting on the dozens, a lot of the time you can get up to, you know ten plus not heat in one of the dozens.

So if you’re betting, just one of the dozens and you’re waiting for the the first dozen to appear, it can sometimes not appear for many many spins, so they leave you eight that a good way where it’s a more of a random number choice is the columns Using the columns bit now, this system we’re betting on two columns at a time. Okay, that will vary depending on the actual number.

That’S been spun now, a lot of people out there that have looked at roulette a fair bit go hang on. Well, why would you bet on two columns or two dozens to get one back? Well, you think about it. You’Re still getting a return of fifty percent and we’re covering just under sixty-six percent of the board.

So my way thinking, yes, you can lose a bit more, but depending on how you’re betting and when you’re betting can make the big difference – and this is the difference with this system now we wouldn’t do this system over and over and over and over again, but Um, probably a profit of ten units to fifteen. Now we’re going to use one unit bets for this system now, with this system, what we’re doing usually you’d be to make a profit. You’D have to bet one and then, if you lose, you’d have to bet three on each to get to be in profit by one then you’d bet nine on each then you bet 27, so it gets into crazy amounts just to get a dollar back.

You don’t have to do that so with this system you don’t have to get in profit every time. Every spin you go look at the greed factor. I mean yes, you might go backwards. This this system goes up and down, but overall you should be in profit.

So you’ve got to think slow and steady wins the race. So again, I don’t consider this to be a silly bet if it’s bet correctly and we’re not we’re waiting for a certain spins, not just random, spin and again we’re looking at the right time to enter the bit okay. Now, let’s go through an example. Now I’d recommend I’m just using the online casinos only because it’s faster in particular this one I’d, recommend here’s a live Wheel, online or live live as in going to casino. I just I just think that sometimes the software can pick up what you’re doing and avoid where you’re betting. Okay, so that’s my tip and that’s what I’ve I feel you might get a few good wins, but after a while you’ll find that most likely, the casino could take it all.

So just be wary of that. Okay. So let’s do a spin 15. So we want to two hits in the one column to start our betting 0. If a doozie row did come out I’ll show you what we do.

We just add another unit on if we’d already bet. Okay, so in that one there was a zero in the middle, so I’d still be cautious and still take that as just one hit. Okay, another thing to know is: if two are the same numbers come up.

We still close sorry to just say, for example, two of the the twenty eighths came up too. So another 28 came up in a row. We’D still just count that as one hit okay, we still want another one in this column to start the betting okay. So a double still means one hit or one spin, so we’re still waiting for two in the same column, column, two column, three gone to Mum. Okay, so sorry I should have actually bet there.

So I was a sixteen nineteen. Then it went to the the twelve. So that would have been a win if we put one unit here one unit here. So let’s just look for another opportunity. So there was our two in there.

So there’s a twelve and there’s there’s a nine. So we’re going to put one unit on column, one and two okay, so that’s a win, so we win one unit, so winning 50 %. Like I said previously, let’s look for other opportunities.

Remember we’re looking for two on the same column, one after the other. Okay, two on column, two, so one on each on one column, one and three: okay, so that still landed on column two. So now we put two units on either of the columns to the side right so that one so that’s back to breaking even on the second spin on the third bin week, takers. Third spin, we take a slight loss, but that’s okay, because we can catch that up. Okay, so it’s still just one unit ahead at this stage for more opportunities: okay, again on the column, three so –, but here who won that one start the system again so different to on the same about 2 & a 5, so 1 & 3. Okay, same same column, so — but 2 units.

Now we won that one. So we got our money back so we’re not really behind. We still used to 2 units ahead, so there will be times when it could be 3 or 4. I would suggest if you, you, set a limit, maybe 3 or 4 losses at the max, because is this going to get deeper and deeper?

Okay, I’d restart? I just wait for that to finish and then restart. You could start with them. Then 2 units as a starting point on the next one, but in this system we’re taking one off so I’ll, show you that if that happens so what’s up it’s an 11 and it was a 6 no okay, bit column 2 & 3 on that one. For another opportunity call 1 & 3 0, so we bet double because that’s like a loss.

We won that one 3 units ahead now 21, the 6, so column 1 & 2 won that one. So I’d advise we’re just using 1 units, but you can obviously use half. You know 5 5 units on each and put out only the more you. You add on obviously the greater your profit.

I wouldn’t risk great amounts. Maybe maybe have the first two wins as a high profit and then back down to say you use 5 units on the first ones and you have 2 or 3 wins. Then you back down to one unit, so you’re protecting your profit a bit. So that’s a good way to do it too. So, as you can see, it’s very rare where there’ll be three or more on the same column, but again it can happen.

So there’s two on column two, so you put one and one here, one that one. So what would happen is we might just stop there, so the video doesn’t go too long, but what would happen is just say 22. Where are we that one so another one in column two say we we lost that one. So we then put two one here.

So two on each we lost again we put three on three units on plussed again for on there, but, as you can see, you would actually stop you’d set your stop loss limit, okay, so maybe a maximum three or four on each. Then then, wait until that clears out and changes column before starting betting again. So when the next one just say, we stopped at four and we won. Then we’d go back. We’D wait for that to two hits on the another column. Then we’d better just say there was two one column: three, the last bit was four and we won so now we would go back to three units and bet that way so you’re going to be a little bit behind, but you’ll eventually catch up.

Unless you have a string of course on the on the the same column, but again you might want to do what I said previously. Do it do a higher bets on the first few few bets and then ease off and just bet the one unit. So that’s a good strategy too. So it’s not too bad this one. You like, I said so, it’s not too bad, it’s a 66 or just below 66 % percentage of winning with the to two-thirds. Sometimes I use this in between other systems, but I’m I don’t use it.

You know continual because you will get a string of column, one two or three okay, so that’s the system and use it occasionally, but not all the time. So thanks for watching and remember to subscribe and also look at our website for other strategies to keep updated on new systems that come out thanks for watching