Hay Day: The Bingo Derby

The Bingo Derby is coming to your farm for an extra layer of fun team work, and extra derby rewards! Play the Bingo smart, and you and your neighborhood have a chance to win big! Participate by taking part in the derby when the Bingo comes around.

To play, enter the derby stand as you normally would. See that new tab? Tap it! The Bingo Board looks a lot like the derby tab, but here’s how it works! These are derby tasks that you and your neighborhood must coordinate and focus on to complete one or more lines to reach Bingo. Achieving Bingo is a neighborhood effort.

Each square shows a task type, as well as a counter that shows how many times that task needs to be done. So, four in this case. And how many have been completed. So, zero.

Go into the derby task board to select the tasks that match those displayed in the Bingo board. Tasks with the starred pins indicate that they’re Bingo tasks, saving you time going back and forth between tabs. Working closely with your neighborhood comes in handy here. Coordinate which Bingo line or lines you’d like to complete together. Bingo lines can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

My neighborhood and I agreed on a Bingo strategy, and we’re ready to win some extra rewards! It looks like some neighbors are getting started. I’ll start working on… the Animal Feed task.

In-progress tasks will appear highlighted in blue. Once completed, the task box will turn completely blue. One thing to note, if a Bingo square shows a task that needs to be completed multiple times, other folks in your neighborhood can join in and help. For example, two of my neighbors are currently working on the boat task.

However, to complete this Bingo square, some of the neighbors could team up and take on the same Bingo square. By choosing the same square, we’ll get it done quicker! Once one or more Bingo lines are complete, the Bingo is over. All the other boxes will be greyed out, with your neighborhood’s extra derby points or rewards displayed on the right side of the Derby window. One thing to note, there are two types of Bingo Derbies, point based and reward based.

We just completed a point based Bingo Derby, so the prize is extra derby points. If the Bingo Derby is reward based, you can collect your Bingo rewards where you collect your horseshoe prizes. Depending on how many Bingo lines you and your neighborhood achieved, they will appear in front of the horseshoe reward columns. My neighborhood and I managed to get two Bingo lines!

So two extra columns of items appear for us to choose from… Sweet! You might be wondering: how do we get multiple derby lines to maximize the rewards? Here’s a little hint: For two Bingo lines, work on lines across each other and leave the middle task to be done last.

And you’ll achieve BINGO! For three Bingo lines, leave the corner tasks last, and work on the vertical, horizontal and diagonal tasks. Another BINGO! So, work with your neighborhood and keep track of each other’s progress, but most importantly, have fun! Bingo!