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So if you watch my previous tutorials, I have in many language in my language, in Italian language and in English. So in the past de-excite I spoke with my people from my country about these journalists who write at me that roulette it’s impossible to be beaten. Now I was not offended because I cannot be offended.

There are everyday somebody who says it’s not possible and you cannot fight with everybody on the internet and in in your life. You cannot fight with people if they have their own beliefs, but you see if you are good in some things that doesn’t mean, then the rest of the people is good in that thing now, as a journalist, they are very good creating articles.

So if you ask me how to create an article and news, I don’t know how to create an article, because I’m not good in that nitch. Now a journalist is good in creating articles because he knew what font to use. What text, how to implement the images and stuff like that now I am NOT good in journalism, but I’m good in roulette. So anything you are studying for 10 years, if you say even 16 years like in my case, you wouldn’t become very good at that, and let me explain you why you become good.

The mother of all learnings is practice. If you do the same thing over and over again for 16 years you become a master, but you will always find people who Donna say is not possible.

So if I go in journalist people – and I say well, you see guys it’s impossible to create an article.

They all will laugh about me. They will say that I am a stupid person because they are very good, creating articles because they are journalists. Now is the same thing for me and for journalists come and tell me about leather is not possible to be dragged. I believe that he is to be anything is possible.

Today we need to understand that people have landed on the moon. I explained me: how do you go on the moon?

Where is not air? It’S an vacuum pressure pressure, so it’s very hard to reach out in space now explain me how the people have understood to walk on the moon, because I don’t know – and I’m absolutely convinced that nobody of you knows how to go to moon, but that doesn’t mean That we don’t have people who goes to the moon, so you get my idea so for you it’s impossible to go to the moon, but that doesn’t mean that there is no people who have gone to the moon or who goes to the moon. Now, in the past days, I’ve talking about forums about people who are talking about web forums, it’s a place where people can chat each other to talk about roulette and the people are talking now think about f10 people are playing at roulette with some free strategies. They find on the internet because it’s very easily to search the first page on youtube.

You find garish strategies about red. So if somebody on the internet is playing with this stupid strategies and they lose money, what they were right on that forums, they will say everyone.

You can be red, I lost all the money or blood is not possible to be black, so in that zone people are pessimistic because they don’t have applied to play with professional strategies, so people will say is not possible. I want from you guys to love casinos. I want from you guys that you study casinos, because casinos are weak, they have their knowledge, which you don’t have, but in the moment you have their secrets, you can beat casinos.

Casinos! Don’T want you to hear what I’m telling you about that, because casinos hide the secrets.

Now, almost one year ago, casinos has changed their policies, they implement and code of your ID. So you have your document now. This is my document.

Any document have an ID and serial number.

Now all casinos asking you for that ID just think about. Why do you think that they are asking you your ID, the sinkable? Because if you go in a real casinos, nobody asking you your ID only on the Internet is asking you your ID number. Why do you think they are asking you that for me, which are expert in this area?

I know why I told you that for 11 years I played professionally in the past years, I was able to play to the same casino with a different email, a different credit card. 10 accounts 20 accounts to the same casino, but they have become smarter.

They have understand they able to suit that there are professional, real gamblers who win from casinos now, because they are asking you the ID number of your ID of your document. You are not able to have many accounts because all the new account you open, you need to add an ID number.

So if you lose in the a casino your ID in the because no you cannot use the same ID, you need to add another ID. So like that, one person cannot play on several accounts, but for us roulette professional gamblers.

We encourage that it’s possible to be casinos, because every time they are doing something in these cases we who study red, we can understand that, yes, roulette can be beaten.

Casinos can be bitter all right and in the past was very simple, so I was being blocking in one account with one credit card. It was easy. I was going to the bank, I was created with 10 euros, another credit card and I was creating again a new account in the same casino and again I was cashing 50000 euros or unites depending on what country I was playing. So now it’s much difficult because now they are asking our ID, so we need to be smarter than casinos. Casinos knows that we are a group of people who makes money from them.

They don’t like to give money to roulette professional gamblers. There are 25 years now that in real casinos in Las Vegas professional roulette gamblers are Bennett now in real casinos.

Nobody asking you for your ID, but in real casinos there are webcams, so your picture is on their offices. So, every time a real-life professional gunman comes in their casinos, they know that this is a relational gambler and in immediately Dave Bennett pushing out that person outside from the casino.

But here on the internet they need to find different ways in which they can stop us. But if you are smart, we can catch some money from casinos, even if they now asking us the ID number of our document. If they asking us ID number document, would be much harder for us to open many accounts.

Now you need to find people from where to play and make accounts, but you think about why they are doing that. If you don’t believe me that I will have read from 11 years just think about why they asked you your document, because there is no reason to ask you your document.

The only reason why they are asking you your document is to making you much harder to create you several accounts. Now. This problem with several accounts is not a problem for you.

If you are a beginner, because with your identity, there are 30 casinos very good casino worldwide. In your area there are minimum five or ten casinos anywhere in the world.

You are, you can play and win from casinos, but in the future you need to understand that after you will want to cash out 50,000 euro.

If you play euros from their casinos, they will ban you. So you will not play anymore with the same ID to the same casino. You have a way in which you can play on different casino, with the same ID you have, or if you like, to play to the same casino, you need to find a friend, a cousin, a brother somebody with a different identity. So it’s much harder for us to catch our money from casinos.

This is what they can do.

It’S the only way in which they can minimize the cashing out from roulette professional gamblers, but even if they asking us the identity number we still are able to cash out. Money from casinos I spoke with is not a friend. Is it somebody who visiting my country? My city, he is a Turkish person, but he lives in Holland.

He is living in one hotel near to my house.

We have connected each other from one friend we have yesterday. I was eating together to that hotel. He is an amateur roulette gambler.

He is playing like an amateur, but he have lost millions of euros.

I don’t know from there. He had money because from what we know about this friend is that only calls and he received money, and he goes around my city and spending hundreds of thousands of euros. You see you are not a professional gambler.

If you lose 1 million euros, you become a roulette professional gambler. Only in the day, you start to study read for me was very simple to say: look if you want, I can help you. As I told you outside. I don’t talk about roulette with nobody, because everybody believes that is not possible.

So why should I bother to change to somebody the mentality, if he’s blind, so if somebody’s line doesn’t see it’s impossible to change his mind for you guys who watch my tutorials on YouTube?

Who search how to be true it for you? It’S something else totally different, because your mind accept that it’s possible to be directed. So if you go around your neighbors around your friends or on forums, finding somebody to teaching you that it’s possible to be read, you will not find somebody when you go outside to your friends and you ask is possible to beat red.

How do they know that?

Because they don’t know they didn’t study roulette. So the first answer: they will tell you, no, it’s not possible to be direct casino wins always, but you need to go if you search for something you need to go when people are related with that something. Let me explain you about now: this iPhone is made in California. Believe me, what I’m telling you right now there are maximum 300 people who knows to make an iPhone minimum maximum 300 people.

How do you make this phone?

You don’t know, but you can see that this device can making you connecting with all over the world people, and you can call everybody in few seconds and speaking with somebody which is thousands and thousands distance away, explain me how is made this phone? I don’t know that is possible. So if you come to me and ask me how the iPhone is created, I don’t know you don’t have the answer to me. You need to go in United States in California and ask one of these 300 people.

They can telling you how it and how its created is the same with knowledge with the secret of left. You are going to search on the forums or to people around you. How to be read, they don’t know how to be read.

They don’t realize that maybe it’s possible to be directed.

They just don’t think about that. So for you to be helped about somebody, you need to find somebody who have experienced the winnings from casinos and that person is me. I can help you to understand and beat casinos, because this is my power knowledge which I have. If you like to study the iPhone, you go in United States and you ask one of that: 300 people.

So trust me when I tell you that all your life, if you search something outside your friends, you go nowhere. I’Ve lived in a different zone from my city. I have 35 years.

I change 14 years 15 years. I’Ve changed my place now today. There are time when I pass to the same street, which I was doing 15 years ago, the old friends they are staying.

There stay in groups talking gossipy, they are doing nothing, and this is past. 15 years, in 15 years, I’ve been changed five times in different ways: better and better and better and better, and these old friends they are in the same place.

I left 15 years ago. What can I learn from them? Nothing is the same with you. When you will become rich people around.

You will not become rich, they will be the same place. You left them ten years. So if you think that you develop yourself – and in the moment you develop yourself, everybody else around – you will develop yourself.

You are an idiot people around. You will not evolve. This is the the sad truth about success.

Only few people have success. Only the people who work hard all right, only people who work hard. I can’t explain I I would like to help them. There are my old friends.

I would love to help them, but how can I do they don’t know nothing? They take some beers and they drink outside on the street and they are gossiping about rich people.

They don’t know to do nothing. They wait and wait and wait that some way, somehow 1 million euros will learn from the earth from the sky in their hands. So if I go to them asking about some knowledge, it’s useless because they don’t know like me, you need to be you.

You need to ask and find your answer to the people who are with knowledge me. I search for people with more knowledge than mine knowledge. So you need to start from some from some point, but when you start to grow to change in life, people around you will stay down and you will rise and rise and rise.

You cannot take with you, then you cannot, you will change, they will remain in the same place for 10 years, 20 years 30 years has passing 15 years.

I change and develop myself minimum five times better and better and better, and these poor friends which have sadly they are still there 15 years, it’s in the same place with the same attitude. What can I do? I can’t think anymore to them. I can’t help them if I go with them. Only thing they tell me is a journey.

Borrow us 500 euros. They they don’t know anything else any Aegean.

Can we give us 200 euros? We will pay you back in the next life. They don’t know anything else.

Aejong, can I have a secret. This is all what they they know.

Can I have a secret? It’S not like that. The life you need to live asking cigarettes from somebody asking money for somebody. You need to start on your own and you need to see what is the place where the money is now, for example, you go right now in Zimbabwe.

What we will do is involvement in Africa will be nice. You will be so. You will see some animals elephants, tigers, lions, but there is no place to make money in Africa.

Africa is poor.

What about? If you go to Monte Carlo to Monaco, you can stay poor there, because all the people that is rich so where the people is rich. It’S impossible for you to not become a rich person, some idea from this one, some idea from this one. You learned something I told you over and over again go where the money is, if you like, stock market go in stock market, if you like, casino, staining casinos, if you like banks, go in banks, because this is the place where the money is don’t go to Search in desert water because there is not the desert is the desert.

The ocean is the ocean. Now I like to watch people, I have people business millionaires who I like to study from time to time I watch businessman. One of them is Robert Kiyosaki he’s an entrepreneur.

He is a best-selling author.

He’S very good in business is very good in making money. Now this word: how to make money is all over the Internet.

99 % of the ways in which you can make money on the internet is garbage 10 cents, 1 euro, 3 euros 30 euros per month. If you make, there is no way in 99 % of the cases ways if you really make money that is not, and this Robert Kiyosaki explains how hard it is for the young generation to develop themselves today, because it’s very hard and is explaining, because people search For success in the desert – and this is right – you need to find a way to go where the money is. If you don’t know that you can’t become rich, if some day you find somebody who is rich stay close to that person, because it will help you a rich person is a workaholic he’s working night and day. It was very hard for me for many years to understand her life.

I’Ve invested so much time and money to discover the secret, and today is something else.

I’M a free man. You need to understand and feel how to be a free man.

Success is only for the winners, and the best winners in the world are the most losers person. If you lost in your life ten times 20 times 100 times stay close success is near around you.

It was the same for me. Imagine how much I lost in five years every day playing at red, but after five years I was going in roulette and I was losing. I was entering in the casino and I didn’t make.

I did not add the money in in the in the roulette and I knew that I will lose the money. I was so present that I will lose the money because it was a mood losing every day every day, every day, every day, next time I’ll say: okay, I’m going. I will I I know I will lose, but I never left my hope that I will not descend roulette. I knew that lap makes an error and I will find that error, so I am a winner, I’m a real proof that I can help you.

Of course.

My tutorials on YouTube. I don’t have 50,000 views. 100,000 views, 1 million views because I don’t. I cannot enter in all the people access, because this is a powerful knowledge, the rubbish stuff, it’s all over the internet.

If you search my tutorials, you find my tutorials in the second third. Fourth page, you don’t find in my first page of Google or of YouTube, because everything which is powerful is not to the hand of everybody think about.

You need to start to change yourself by being help about somebody now, if you want to be helped and you have lost your home or you have lost money in rubbish, stuff expect yourself to pay for the real proof, because if you have spent money on rubbish Stuff, you didn’t make money from rubbish stuff, it’s obvious that you need to pay on real stuff, but the first thing what you find in LEDs you go is rubbish stuff.

This is your way. This is your road to the success. If you don’t suffer to the road of success, you will not remain a successful person.

You need to suffer to struggle yourself. Maybe today you buy a strategy. Maybe tomorrow you buy a book useless book.

There is no power in that books in that works, but you suffer and in the end you find the success. It was the same for me, 5 years every day I lost at leg, but after five years I found a secret.

I will help you because I love to help people. This is my duty to helping you to become a successful gatherer. If I’m not doing this work for you, everybody will be lost.

I help people, but I help in my own way. This is a way which you need to sacrifice. If you are a lazy man, you can’t receive my DVD lazy.

People will not have my DVD, don’t be a lazy man. Work hard work intelligently, invest, save use these words and you will change yourself if you have the luck to watch.

My tutorials appreciate this knowledge and it will change your life forever best regards my friends just think about. If you have somebody who helped you, don’t lose that hope don’t lose that chance.

If you have somebody who training you, because tomorrow maybe is too late. Take action now invest, borrow and invest in yourself, because tomorrow you will forget after one-wheeled one year i will be hired and you were made in the same place after ten years. I will move the mountains and you will be in the same place now: job no assets, no income, no success.

You got a lot to do and who will gon na change it?

Nobody, if you see this tutorial change your life now act now. This is why I have done. I acted now.